Making Smart Automations with Mike Burke

We are pleased to interview Mike Burke in this episode about automated workflows and tasks in everyday life.

Mike is a former high school teacher. We talk about how to solve problems related to his work when you are not a programmer but may be aspiring to be something like that. How each one of us have been automating and what actually makes sense to automate - without over-automating and being a dragon slave to the tools and endless possibilities.

We are also discussing various approaches to the GTD capture, weekly review and the higher horizons using text in Obsidian and/or mindmaps. Mike gives a great example of a higher horizon triggering event, and what can happen when you get an email from accounting asking for clarification of a $35 expense for the schools website hosting during your family vacation…

The tool-round includes experiences with Drafts, Keyboard Maestro, OmniFocus, Hazel, MindNode and how automations can be put together. Martin discloses his plan to build a Taskmanager in Apples Reminders, with smartfolders and tags(!).

You can find Mike on his website, Twitter: @hearmikeburk, Mike also host this own YouTube-channel where you will find lots of great automations and advices.

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