Interview with David Allen the father of Getting Things Done

The David Allen interview

If you could ask David Allen anything about GTD for an hour, what would you ask him? We were up for the challenge and tried to find topics and questions, that David don’t usually gets, so no explanation of the five steps of GTD.

As usual we start the episode by talking about what happened since last time we recorded an episodes. What are the big and small tech projects that we are working on.

We started the conversation with David asking about the about the origin of GTD and how the five steps and the six horizons of focus came to life. And thankfully David delivered as usual and gave us a great GTD history overview.

We did cover other topics like GTD communities, the two GTD Summits and GTD used in different cultures and by different kinds of people.

Thoughout the interview David gave us new insights on some of the subtle parts of GTD and told some of the GTD stories that we never or very seldom have heard. Thank you again David for joining our podcast.

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