Our Desk Setups

Our Desk Setups

In this episode we take a tour of the desks and what’s on them. These are our workspaces, where we spend so much time every day. The are also very different, and it shows what we value and feel comfortable working with. Jens is sitting on a chair almost as old as Martin and certainly out of warrenty :) Martin’s man cave holds a lot of stuff, which Michael point’s out. There is also a short introduction of the long tail of what happend when Michael ordered his future monitor at Apple and the arguments he made up for him self, in order to convince him self why he should spend way too much money on a monitor. And keyboards…

Michaels desk

Michaels desk Michaels desk

Jens desk

Jens desk Jens desk

Martins desk

Martins desk Martins desk

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