Plans for our Summer Breaks

We discuss what have happened since our last recording. A lot of small and big things had been a test in our Stoic journey and showed what is in and out of our control.

We also discuss nerdy stuff like Garmin and Apple watches.

We have big plans for walks in nature/hikes this summer. really goes outdoor this summer.

Photography is taken up again and a new episode about it is coming up.

Michael tell us a little about the new Lockdown mode on iPhone - Don’t call me, I call you.

Michaels also talks about his new rabbit holes

Finally we also look back on the start of our Stoic journey and the first chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - Full control or not full control
  • Chapter 2 - Focus on aversions
  • Chapter 3 - Motivate ourself

We also share our Summer Dreams:


  • GTD vision and goals
  • Google take out


  • With Scouts
  • Relax, with pen and paper
  • Hikes


  • Walkabout
  • Winding down and recharge batteries
  • My own conference with my walking booths
  • Create memories with families

You can find us here

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