We talk about photography - part 1

The Smartere podcast is back after a vacation a little longer than planned. We are ready for a new season.

In the episode we talk about photography. A hobby we didn’t knew we shared when we started the podcast. This is the first of two episodes as ran out of time before we had talked about all the items on our outline. In the first part we talk about the following headlines/questions:

  • Why is photography a good thing for each of us?
  • What is our favourite motives?
  • Where do we find inspiration?
  • What’s the gear?
  • Inspirational videos or papers?

The intro to this episode was recorded after our vacation, but major part of the episode was recorded just before we started our vacation.

As a special “magnificent” treat in the outtakes after the episode, you can hear Jens have a Benedict Cumberbatch Penguins moment. A link to Benedict Cumberbatch Penguins moment is here.

Michaels pictures

Hellerup Station I just needed some love Liége Station Live, laugh - love Povl Dissing Somewhere in Sweden The Housekeeper

Jens pictures

Image One Image Two Image Three Image Four Image Five Image Six

Martins pictures

Waterfall Campogrosso Eagle Jountunheim Nalle Tjäder

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